Avoid The Xmas Blues with Wax Inc.

Avoid The Xmas Blues with Wax Inc.

We all know how hectic and crazy it can be once the Christmas season starts to roll around! No matter how much we plan and prepare or organise ourselves, there is never enough time left to get everything accomplished that we want to. That’s why it is extremely important to remember to book early and make sure that you remember to look after yourself!

At Christmas time, we spend a lot of money and time looking after everyone around us, friends and family but it is easy to forget to look after ourselves in all of this holiday giving. When you are sitting their surrounded by your friends and coworkers at the office Christmas party, or social event of the year with a hairy upper lip or unwaxed eyebrows it will be too late! You need to think ahead and get in early to avoid being the hairy one at the party!

At Wax Inc., we have all of your beauty needs covered but you need to do one thing yourself, ring and make an appointment! We want you looking your best for all of those Christmas parties and photos. We can take care of all your waxing needs, face, legs, eyebrows and every body part in between for both men and women. That isn’t all we do either; our beauty specialists can also take care of your HD eyebrows, spray tan’s, semi-permanent lashes, semi-permanent makeup and body sugaring.

With so much to do over the holiday season don’t leave yourself to last, get in early for your beauty sessions and go into this busy and stressful time of the year looking and feeling fantastic.

Just call one of friendly and professional staff members at Wax Inc. and we will make you an appointment so that you can have yourself pampered.