Let’s wax lyrical about bikini waxing

Female intimate waxing

Let’s wax lyrical about bikini waxing

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Shall we dig deep and talk waxing our lady parts? Talking about it is probably the most uncomfortable part of the whole process. Before we give you the lowdown on down there, we just want to say if you are comfortable with being au natural in the knicker department there is absolutely nothing wrong with that everyone has their own preference. And we admire you babes who choose to rock what your momma gave ya! If you have been thinking about taking the plunge or going back to waxing as your preferred hair removal choice, we are here to offer some friendly advice on the different shapes and styles available.

Are you Hollywood or Brazilian? Prefer Ibiza to Malia? Have no clue what we are talking about? Read on and we will look at the styles we offer.

The basic instinct– a great one for anyone new to bikini waxing. This is a wax at either side of your knicker line and crease of your leg. Nice and simple!

The high leg bikini– either side again but this time a bit narrower. With the addition of your pubic line and underneath.

The G string (on Brazilian territory but not fully there just yet)- this one includes the high sides, top of your knicker line and your butt crack. You will still have hair over your labia, but it goes in a bit more narrow.

The Brazilian– this one will leaving you as smooth as a baby’s bum! It includes your butt crack, inner & outer labia. A landing strip is left on your pubic mound.

The Hollywood– this one will leave you with nothing! Not one pubic hair will remain with this one. Front and back you will be as nude as the day you were born.

Don’t fancy your front bum being waxed we offer the Ibiza and Malia too. The Ibiza is your butt crack only and the Malia is buttocks only.

You can discuss with our lovely beauticians all the different styles and choose which is best for you. Leave it to us to look after you and then you can relax in that winter sun without worrying you are pulling a Miranda from the Sex and the City movie.

As ever our friendly team are awaiting your call. So, go on treat your lady garden to some trimming.

For more information please check out are waxing aftercare page: https://www.wax-inc.co.uk/waxing-aftercare/