Spring clean your nails!

Spring clean your nails!

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The sun is breaking through, and it’s that time of year where the light creeps in and shows up our homes imperfections. That’s right, spring cleaning season is here, so once you have finished beautifying your home why not treat yourself by booking in with us and get spring cleaning your nails with some new Gel nails or update your existing look.

Booking an appointment for your Gel nails is the easy part, trying to decide what colour and style to go with is much more difficult, right? Wrong! Read on and we will take you through all the hottest trends and colours for this season that will make your Gel nails Instagram worthy! Whether you have an upcoming, holiday, wedding or festival we have a look to suit all occasions.

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Trend 1 Festival inspired jewels: Festival season is well and truly upon as and we are still reeling from Beyoncé’s amazing set at Coachella. So if you are heading to one of the many festivals this year why not get some jewels for your nails as well as for your face! There is a great range of colours to choose from for your Gel nails and why not make an impact with some jewels added to each nail. Jewels are in so let your nails be the stand out act this festival season.

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Trend 2 Glitter: If you want a more subtle sparkle to your nails then glitter Gel polish is the one for you. A great choice for weddings, holidays and those summer parties, your nails are sure to shimmer when the sunlight catches them. Glitter Gel colours go with everything and takes any outfit to that next level. So come on girls get your sparkle on.

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Trend 3 Line art: If you like to keep things simple then this look is for you. Fashion bloggers and clothing designers alike have been all over this trend on social media and the catwalk. Take a nude or pastel coloured Gel polish shade and make it stand out with a simple diagonal or horizontal line on one nail or two whichever you prefer. This look is so simple but effective and will take you from day to night in one seamless transition.

Gel nails don’t just look good they are much better for your nails and are easy to remove, so you can change your look as often as you like without fear of damage to your nails. If you didn’t know already Gel nails are a great alternative to traditional polish, they last a lot longer with a minimum of approximately 2 weeks wear and the majority of the time your Gel nails will last much longer. Another benefit is they are quick and easy to apply and you will find yourself with bags of time to spare after your appointment so while you’re in the salon why not treat yourself to another of our many beauty treatments on offer?

So what are you waiting for?! Get your Gel nails on that spring clean to do list and book an appointment today, our friendly team are waiting to assist you!