Waxing Before A Big Event. When Is The Best Time?

Waxing Before A Big Event. When Is The Best Time?

Waxing Before a Big Event

Having a few wax treatments before any big event is important; not only does it ensure your skin is silky smooth and free of hair when you want it to be, it puts your hair removal into a schedule that’s easy to keep up with. Rather than waxing the day before an event or finding there isn’t enough hair growth to worthy a professional wax – leaving you with stubble – you can schedule your waxing for the optimum time.

Benefits Before an Event
Though there’s always the option of waxing at home or shaving, nothing quite beats a professional waxing treatment like those offered at Wax Inc. Booking in for a professional wax before a big event has its benefits, such as:

You can take advantage of a little bit of ‘me’ time and relax; this is especially important if the event you’re preparing for is likely to be busy and stressful.
Professional waxing comes with the guarantee that every last hair will be removed, there’s no worry of finding a missed patched later on.
Waxing treatments leave you feeling your best and this can have a huge impact on confidence levels. Rather than heading off on holiday feeling self-conscious, strut out to the pool knowing you’ve never looked better.

Choosing Treatments
With so many different wax treatments available, the treatments you choose will depend on the event you are planning for. For example, if you’re going on holiday you’re likely to want a number of body waxed such as a leg wax, Brazilian wax or Hollywood wax. However, if you’re prepping for an important night out or fancy event you’re more likely going to focus on a eyebrow wax, lip waxing and underarm waxing. So, though it is important to have a few wax treatments before any big event, you should consider the treatments that are best suited to you.

If you have a big event coming up and you need a wax treatment or two, get in touch. Contact the team at Wax Inc. today on 0114 327 2850. Alternatively, make an appointment using the online booking form.